Enhance Your Body To Increase Confidence



Begin by writing down everything that you eat daily.  A great free program that you can use to record your calories is Fitday.  Figure out how many calories you burn daily, then simply eat 200-300 less calories a day.  It's that easy.  You will begin to lose weight.  Remember that new habits take 2-3 weeks to begin to stick.  If you can get over that initial hump, the cravings for Bigmacs will die.

Educate yourself about what foods are good for you and which foods you should avoid.  You don't have to stop eating ice cream permanently, but use it as a reward instead of a daily habit.  Try to eat lots of live foods, fruit, veggies, etc...  You can often eat a huge plate of grilled veggies and end up having consumed less calories than are in a single hot dog.

These changes don't have to be painful.  Take them slow.  Eat 200-300 less calories a day.  Try to eat well balanced meals and learn about which foods are healthy.  Once you've gained your target weight then aim simply to eat as many calories as you burn.  Some days you will be slightly over, some days under.  The key is to find healthy foods that you enjoy eating while minimizing the consumption of unhealthy foods.  You don't have to completely eliminate pizza, beer, and donuts!  You just need to eat less of them.  Make them a rare treat instead of the norm.  Once a week for one meal, usually on Friday night, I'll eat/drink whatever I want.  It's something that I look forward to and it doesn't mess up my physique or conditioning. 

While you're developing healthy eating habits start exercising.  The great thing about exercise is that it speeds up your metabolism so that you can eat more!  Speeding up your metabolism makes your body become more efficient at burning calories.  Exercising also keeps your metabolism from crashing during periods of decreased calorie intake.

I recommend jogging.  Be sure that you have a comfortable pair of jogging shoes.  Wearing improper shoes can lead to injuries!  Running, just like changing your eating habits doesn't need to be painful.  If you're completely out of shape start by walking daily, preferably around a track (talk to your doctor first in case you have medical conditions that need to be considered).  After walking one mile becomes easy for you, then throw in some jogging.  Run until you begin to feel uncomfortable then walk.  Jog-walk a mile every day being sure to take a day or two off if you're sore.  Rest is a very important part of exercise.

Eventually you'll be able to run a mile.  Once you can comfortably run one mile, simply increase that distance by 1/4 mile every week.  You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily the mileage increases.  Once you get up to around 3 miles you can hold it there as that's a very good distance to run, or you can go further.  Keep in mind that you should be taking one or two days off each week for rest.  It's very important that you schedule rest periods between your runs so that you don't injure yourself.  If you want to run longer distances then I recommend reading a good book on running.  We recommend "Galloway's Book On Running."  Running shouldn't be painful.  Take it slow and don't push yourself!

It's especially important to exercise when losing weight because if you don't, eventually your metabolism will slow down due to decreased calorie intake.  It will become more and more difficult to lose weight.  With a heavy calorie deficiency which we DO NOT recommend, your metabolism can slow down so much that when you eat normally again the weight will pile back on rapidly.

Always keep in mind that you're not doing this for some woman.  Your losing weight and exercising for yourself!  You're doing it to feel better, look better, and gain more pleasure from life.  This process needs to be done for you or it will fail.  Like anything in life, success in improving your physique will help you gain confidence which will in turn attract the ladies.







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