Help Me, I'm Cheap!





So you’ve got a hot date coming up, but you’re not exactly rolling in the money?  No problem.  Seriously, as we’ve tried to pound into your skull in just about every other article on the site, you shouldn’t be spending lots of money or attention on a woman when first dating (be sure to read Needy Men).

Skip the flowers, chocolates, drinks, etc…  Don’t throw money at them even if you have it. Your first few dates with a new woman should be action dates.  The more physical activity and the less talking you have to do, the better.  Always keep in mind that it’s not your responsibility to impress them, that’s their job.  If they can’t see past the fact that you don’t drive a Porsche (or insert other fancy car name here), then too bad for them.  They’re not worthy of your attention.  Making this clear from the very beginning shows confidence. 

One of the worst things you can do at the beginning of the date is to apologize for the car you drive.  If you drive a dump, then it's a temporary situation as you ARE an alpha male and your financial status will improve (make it improve!).  Don't give your ride a second thought. 

Good action dates are hiking, tennis, trips to the beach, the lake, rollerblading, bowling, shooting pool, museums, zoos, etc...  These are all great date ideas, although the last four options may require a small investment.  Skip the movies and expensive meals.  And for God’s sake don’t take them out shopping! 

You should be involving your date in some sort of activity that requires movement coupled with excitement, whether it be a physical activity, or simply visiting a location she's never been to.  The great thing about action dates is that you can often times show her how to do something (shoot pool) without giving up too much about yourself.  This helps you remain that mysterious handsome guy she’s attracted to.

Remember, the worst thing you can do on the first few dates is spill everything there is to know about yourself.  Action dates help you prolong the mystery, help promote bonding, and shows her that you’re not a boring couch potato.  God help you if all you do is sit at home and play World Of Warcraft!  The best part about action dates is that most of them are incredibly cheap. 

So does this mean that you shouldn’t pay for her soda after a hike, or buy her some popcorn down at the pier?  Of course you should, but you sure as hell don’t need to take her to the Black Angus for Filet Mignon followed by a trip to the mall for a shoe buying extravaganza.

Keep your first few dates cheap and fun.
















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