Why Are Cold Approaches So Scary?





Women want you to approach them.  They really do.  It may not seem like it when they shut you down, or give you the cold shoulder.  But they crave your attention.  Yes I’m talking about YOU.  They crave YOUR attention!  They NEED it.

Why do you think women spend so much time doing their hair, lipstick, and nails?  They go through all that trouble for YOU!  They buy nice clothes so that YOU will notice them.  They buy sparkly shoes so that they’ll get YOUR attention.  I know what you’re thinking, “No they don’t, they do all those things for the pretty boys out there.”

Let’s face it; most guys are pretty average looking.  So are most women.  We can’t all look as good as Brad Pitt.  Even if you’re less than average looking, you can make up for it with confidence and style.  One of the plainest looking guys I know is with one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen.  And she married him!  He’s a police officer and he just oozes confidence and calm.

Don’t ever use the excuse that “you’re not good looking enough” to hit on attractive women.  Sure some of them will shut you down.  Sure it’s embarrassing.  Yes, they may even say something rude to you.  So what?  Good looking men get shot down too.

Even super models need attention from males.  If the ugliest guy on the planet approaches a group of women and compliments ONE of them, the others will be jealous.  “Why did he compliment her and not ME!” they’ll think to themselves.  Sure they may laugh, “Eww he’s so GROSS!”  But on the inside they’ll be impressed that he had the guts to try.

The woman that he complimented WILL feel flattered.  And if he approaches enough girls, eventually he will score with one of them.  Always remember, scoring hot women is a number’s game.  Your physical attractiveness simply influences your percentages over the long run.  It’s impossible to have a 100% failure rate.

So what are you waiting for?  Why didn’t you approach that hot brunette at the mall yesterday?  She was wearing that tight mini skirt for YOU!  She wanted you to approach her.  You’re a great catch.  You just needed to let her know that.  And like we’ve said in the past many times, what is the worst thing that could possibly have happened?  You fail to get her phone number?  Well… do you have it right now?

Get off you butt and GO APPROACH WOMEN!
















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