Confidence Crash Course





Are you the guy that stands sheepishly in the corner of the club, drink held at your chest like a shield to protect you from all the scary women?  Do you stand there for hours, trying your damndest to get up the courage to approach a woman, any woman?

Then when you finally do work up the courage to approach her, you’ve built up the mere act of approaching a woman in a club to such a huge scary thing in your own mind that you completely blow it!  Instead of approaching her with confidence and saying something witty, you ask her if you can buy her a drink and then look at the floor.  Way to go Romeo!  When she turns her back to you without even replying, you slink off to your corner of the club to mope.

And that’s that.  Your night is over before it even began.  Ego crushed, you decide that all women are bi%#hes and sulk back to your car to drive home alone, yet again!  What a surprise.  Maybe in two or three weeks after you’ve gotten over your disappointment, you’ll build up your confidence enough to go out again and try with one more woman?  Perhaps you’ll magically gain more confidence by then.  Oh boy!

Women want a confident man.  How are you ever going to gain confidence if you only approach one freaking woman at a time?  Well, you can’t!  Approaching one woman a night, or every week, or even once a month, is just not acceptable.  Statistically you’re just not going to run well.

Seducing women is a numbers game, plain and simple.  It’s also how you build your confidence.  Yes, you’ll get shot down repeatedly when you first start out.  You’ll feel uneasy, you’ll look awkward, and you’ll say dumb stuff.  That’s ok!  We’ve all been there.

As we’ve tried to repeatedly pound into your head throughout the site, the way to gain confidence is to string together a series of small successes.  If you approach enough women, eventually you will experience success.  That first success will increase your confidence by just a tiny bit.  Your second will make you feel even better.  As you become more proficient at approaching women, your confidence will increase exponentially.

There are some guys out there that won the gene pool lottery.  They just happen to have been born with greater than average looks and language ability.  Unfortunately most of us have to work at improving ourselves.  The very best Don Juans had to struggle at it.  They had to build their confidence up bit by bit.  And so do you.

You can start by approaching women everywhere you go.  It doesn’t matter where you are or what you say.  Are you at the supermarket buying produce?  Then ask the cute blond buying yellow peppers how she selects them.  It doesn’t matter if you think that she’s out of your league, approach her anyway!  Smile at the hottie on isle two and say “Hi!”  Compliment the check-out girl that you’ve never had the guts to flirt with on her cool new piercing.

Don’t know what to say?  Just smile and say “Hi.”  It’s that simple.  Some women love to chat so much that a simple “Hi,” will often start a conversation without your having to do a darn thing.  They’ll just stand there and jabber.  Let them.  After a few minutes say that you’ve enjoyed the “conversation” and that you’d like to do it again some time.  Grab her phone number and leave.  It really can be that simple.  Just open your mouth and let words come out.

If you insist on going to clubs, which I don’t recommend due to how competitive and male saturated they are, at least approach more than one woman!  Before you even enter the door come up with a number.  You will not permit yourself to leave until you’ve approached X amount of women.  And that number better not be 2 or 3.  If it’s a decently sized club then make it 10, 15, or more!

Approach women everywhere you go.  Don’t worry about what comes out of your mouth at first.  Just talk to them and approach, approach, approach!  You’ll begin to figure out what works, and what doesn’t.  You’ll slowly gain confidence.  And with each success you experience you’ll be just a step closer to becoming an Alpha Male.  I don’t care if you look like Napoleon Dynamite, with enough approaches you will eventually experience success.  Don’t give up!





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