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Step 5.  After The Date


So you've finished the date and it was amazing!  She's gorgeous, intelligent, and fun.  It has only been one day but you simply must see her again.  Maybe you should call her right now!

WRONG!  Remember that you're a man, your life never revolves around a woman.  You WILL wait five days before you call her again.  Especially at the first, you do not want her to think that you're into her that much.  You want to give off the impression that your feelings towards her are lukewarm and that she needs to convince you that she's worthy.  During the first month of dating you should never see her more than once a week.  Never call her more than once a week and keep the phone conversations short. 

You do this because as I've said a million times, women love a mysterious man and hate a desperate chump.  If you are at her beck and call whenever she wants you then she'll think you're a loser.  You need to give her the impression that she must win you, not the other way around.  You accomplish this by limiting your exposure to her.  You take her out on short action dates, show her a good time, get her addicted to your energy, and then you leave her alone for a week.  This is how infatuation develops in woman.

After a month or two once a physical relationship has developed, if you decide that you're really into this girl, then it's time to start opening up.  This is the point at which jerks blow it.  You may have noticed that up until this point I've basically encouraged "jerkish" behavior.  No I don't mean that you should treat her poorly, but you've been mimicking what jerks do up until this point.  You don't call them often, don't see them all the time, etc..

Jerks can get to this point but seldom cross the line into a meaningful relationship.  Once a woman has shown you that she's worthy of your attention, has qualities you admire, and treats you with respect, THEN it's time to reward her.  Then it's appropriate to give her flowers, gifts, etc.  But give them SPARINGLY!  I can't emphasize this enough.  Give her gifts and praise all the time for no special reason and she'll think she has you wrapped around her finger.  Use gifts and praise to reward good behavior.  Give compliments but make them unique, genuine, and use them sparingly. 

You start out by not giving her flowers, adoration, and seeing her only once a week. You want to be a challenge, not acting like the typical nice guy who throws himself at her.  Once she lets the b&$%h shield down and self doubt creeps in “maybe I’m not the princess I think I am, maybe if I treat him really well he’ll see me more,” then you reward her good behavior by opening up a bit.

This is where jerks lose it.  They never show a woman sincere warmth after she has earned it.  Jerks are not only oblivious to how women truly work, they're too selfish to even try to understand them. 

You can’t continue only seeing her once a week, keeping them guessing etc.. but you can keep the upper hand by being strong.  They need to know that you’re not afraid to walk away from them at any time.  There are behaviors that are utterly unacceptable (disrespect, cheating, etc..) that would require that you walk away.  If you truly love someone then you need to be able to walk away from her.  Never let her think that she's your entire world and that you'd never walk away.




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