How Do I Know If She Likes Me?





Um… ask???  It’s amazing to me how many men in their 20’s and 30’s still act like they’re in high school.  “Dude, I want to ask Carol out so badly, but I don’t know if she digs me or not.  Could you ask her friend Jen if she thinks Carol would go out with me?”

That is in a word, is simply retarded.  You can rest assured that Carol will find out from Jen that our clueless friend likes her.  Carol will then wonder why our clueless friend didn’t simply find out for himself?  Right there he’s showing her that he’s passively timid, and may possibly be afraid of women in general.  It’s a hugely weak play that you should never ever make.

Even should he eventually get a date with his cherished Carol, he will have already started off on the wrong foot.  And if he’s really that much of a wuss, it will become apparent on their first date at which point he’ll be stuck in friendship hell forever.  If you don’t know what friendship hell is all about, then I strongly suggest that you read our article on Just Friends.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if a woman likes you or not.  She may be head over heals in love with you already, or she may not have even noticed you.  It simply doesn’t matter.  Even if she initially dislikes you, she may simply be unaware of the awesome alpha male that you are.  It’s your job to demonstrate to her what an incredible male specimen you truly are.

Walk up to the woman you desire, say something clever (at least attempt to), chat for a couple minutes and then tell her “I’m headed to the so-and-so, I’ve decided to let you buy me dinner.”  Just say whatever comes to mind but make a play.  Be sure to keep the conversation short and show interest in her.  Then ask her out or get her phone number.

And for God’s sake don’t let it sound like you think she’s cool so you want to go do some buddy type thing.  This is a direct line to friendship hell and a very poor way to ask a woman for a date.  Make it CLEAR that you’re interested in HER.  Not whatever stupid hobby or widget you were just conversing about.

Show her that you’re attracted to her, and then act like a man and make a move.  If she blows you off then that’s great!  You can mark her off the list of the many women you’re pursuing and move onto the next.

You are dating more than just one woman right?  Unless you’re in a serious relationship, becoming infatuated with one woman will simply push her away from you.  Dating several women at a time will keep the pressure off and increase the odds of your finding a true gem.  Once you’re in a real relationship, then you can focus on that one lucky girl.

The bottom line is that you should never have to wonder about whether a girl you’re interested in likes you or not.  Alpha males already know.













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