Should I Drink On The First Date?





The classic first date scenario, “Let’s get a drink sometime.”  But is that really a good choice for a first date?  Well sure, there are all kinds of tasty drinks to choose from; coffee, orange juice, root beer, just avoid the alcohol.

“But I’m nervous!  I need a beer or two to take the edge off!”  Poor baby. 

That drink or two probably will loosen you up.  It’ll loosen your lips as well.  Then you’ll switch into the classic  “me, me, me, mode,” spill out your life story, brag about things your date probably shouldn’t hear, and completely ruin any sense of mystery you ever had. 

Now if you’re only interested in a quick score, then by all means drink up.  But if this one is possibly a keeper, then avoid the booze!  Not only will you talk too much (read Listen First); depending on your personality, that one or two drinks could turn into three or four.  And there’s nothing worse for a woman than going out on a date with a guy that can’t handle his alcohol. 

I’ve been in social situations where I’ve literally seen a woman be doe eyed over a man at the beginning of the evening, only to have her turn him away in disgust after he’s had a bit too much to drink.  It's amazing to see the transformation take place in the span of just a couple hours.  Especially avoid alcohol if you’re the type that tends to become an angry drunk.

So cowboy up, deal with the nervousness as it comes, (it’ll wear off anyway after the first few minutes of the date) and order a coffee instead of a Guinness.  Save the drink for when you take her back to your place.




















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