Our Feminized Society





"Just be yourself," your mother, sister, chick-friend, co-worker tells you.  They assure you that's what women want and if you throw in some flowers, chocolates, and a poem or two then you'll get married and live happily ever after.  But don't you dare look at your date's rear end appreciatively when she stoops down to get into your car and keep your eyes above the neck!  When they say act like yourself, they're telling you to conform and act the way THEY want you to.  And whoever said you wanted to get married?

Society today has been deluged with bucket loads of idiotic nonsense spewed forth by the media.  We've bombarded day in and day out by idiots like Dr. Phil, Oprah, and 100 others spouting so much pseudo-physiological garbage that men don't know how to act anymore.

Enjoy looking at women on the internet?  Then not only are you a degenerate scumbag, you're cheating on your wife emotionally according to the latest daytime crew of pseudo physiologists.  Are you feeling sad, angry, peevish, unsatisfied with your life?  Then let's analyze your unhappiness until you discover more problems than you initially knew you had! 

Let's create new words to describe new feelings that we might think we're having.  Lets delve deep into our personalities and try to figure out why we don't want to cuddle and giggle together with our woman after being intimate.  Shame on us for turning on the TV afterwards.

Instead of trying to analyze every little feeling, every little subconscious thought, motive, idea, whatever, why not just let us be men? 

"Wait a second, I do believe that I sense that I might have a feeling coming on.  Hmm, it's a good... no wait!  It's a moderately "neutralish" feeling bordering on...    Hmm, this feeling is rich.  I like it!  Let's talk about this feeling some more shall we?  It's important that we acknowledge together every feeling that we have..." 

What a pile of steaming crappola.

Look, guys have three real feelings.  Happy, mad, and the "Who gives a crap about anything," mode.  Leave the feelings and psychological garbage to women.  Real men act.  Men go out and do things.  We don't sit around sipping tea while spewing our feelings all over the place like rancid air.  And if you do enjoy these things, then perhaps instead of reading this article you should go spend more time with your boyfriend Dr. Phil.















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