Don't Act Jealous





So I’m out with my friends watching an Angels game.  My buddy to the left, we’ll call him “Clueless Wonder” keeps calling his girlfriend every five minutes on his cell phone.  Each time she doesn’t answer he grows more and more agitated.  “Where is she?” he’d whine.  “She better not be out with some dude!  I bet she’s at a bar and tons of guys are hitting on her.”  It was a painful spectacle to behold.

Instead of enjoying his time with HIS friends, he’s sitting there worrying about what some woman is doing with her friends.  This is a fantastic way to push that woman further away from you.  It’s a clear sign of desperation and shows a decided lack of self confidence.  Women are very adept at noticing the signs of jealousy.  And believe me, they’re not attracted to it.

Confident men when in a relationship either trust their woman, or they get a new woman.  It’s that simple.  First of all, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with a woman whose virtue you doubt.  Secondly, once in the relationship you trust her until given a reason not to.  If she gives you a reason then you dump her.

There’s absolutely no need to worry about what she’s doing, where she is, or who she’s with.  Never act like “Clueless Wonder,” calling her every five minutes.  What is she going to think when she checks her cell phone and sees 15 missed calls?  It had better be a life or death emergency you’re trying to contact her about, otherwise she’ll assume that you don’t trust her.  That can end the relationship right there.

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity.  It shows her that you doubt your own ability to keep a good woman in love with you.  If you’re really the great catch that you present yourself to be, then why would she leave you for another guy?  Acting jealous will just make her doubt you.  “Maybe he’s not who I thought he was?” she’ll muse.

Confident men NEVER act jealous.  We may feel a twinge of jealousy crop up from time to time under certain circumstances, but we NEVER let it show.  So what if she was supposed to call you when she got home after a night out with her girlfriends.  That doesn’t mean she’s cheating on you.  It means she either forgot to call, or that she got home late and didn’t want to wake you.  Calling her to “make sure she got home ok,” is the wrong move.

As for poor “Clueless Wonder,” his woman was sitting at home on the couch the entire evening watching television.  Her friends had cancelled their night out.  She wasn’t answering her cell phone because she was at home and had turned it off.  She DID notice the 30 missed calls on her cell the next day, including the whiney “Where are you?” messages he left.















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