Keep It Clean





“So are you going to invite me back to your place?” she says smiling seductively, tracing the rim of her cocktail glass with her finger and licking it.  SCORE!

You’ve been putting the moves on this chick for over three weeks.  It wasn’t easy but you made all the right plays.  You took it slow, got her phone number, and then waited for over a week to call.

Your first date was short and sweet.  You didn’t talk about yourself and just let her yap.  You are now the mysterious man that’s a great listener!  You’re in the zone.

You again waited several days to call her and by the time you did she was DYING to see you again.  Way to go Romeo!  You are so in there.

So you take her back to your sweet pad.  It’s only a condo but it has a nice view of the city, original art on the walls, a full bar, and best of all a 62” widescreen television!  You know she’ll be impressed.

As you open the front door you knock over the garbage bag you left there full of beer cans from a few nights before.  Eww, the bag really smells ripe.  After picking up some of the cans you place the bag outside, apologizing to your date for the smell.  But no worries, you head over to the bar to fix a couple drinks.

While mixing the drinks you notice your date checking out the floor full of Xbox 360 games littered in front of the TV.  You know she’ll be impressed.  You have some killer games!

Brushing aside a dirty sock, she sits down on the couch and waits for you.  You try to remember whether or not you emptied the cat litter box in your bedroom last night.  “She probably won’t even notice,” you think to yourself.

After you sit down next to her on the couch she excuses herself to use the bathroom to freshen up.  “Nice!” you think to yourself.  You take a swig of your drink and relax, waiting for her to come back and throw herself at you.

What you fail to realize is that while you’re sitting there comfortably on the dirty couch, she’s in the bathroom glancing worryingly at the yellow stained toilet, the dirty underwear on the floor, the trash bin overflowing with toilet paper, and the lime encrusted sink.

The deal breaker occurs when she opens your medicine cabinet while searching for a bar of soap and finds your genital wart removal cream.  That final item of grossness pushes her over the edge.  She grabs her purse, mumbles something about forgetting to feed her dog and leaves.  You never see her again.

While some of the specifics have been removed or changed to protect the innocent, the above scenario actually happened to a buddy of mine.  He made all the right moves and spent enormous energy trying to seduce this woman, only to trip just inches from home plate.  Talk about disappointment!

The point of this whole article is to get you to think about cleanliness.  Women have a far better sense of smell than men do.  They’re like walking, sniffing, grossness detecting machines.  Maintaining a clean environment is incredibly important if you want to seduce quality women.  How you maintain your living space reflects upon the type of person you are.

Why go through all the trouble of seducing a woman only to blow it because you live in a pig sty?  Before you even think about going out on a date, CLEAN YOUR PAD!  A five million dollar mansion is worthless if it looks like a garbage dump.

Keep it clean.







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