Can Long Distance Relationships Work?




“I just met the best chick ever online!  She’s hot, smart, likes NASCAR, she’s freaking perfect!  The only problem is that she lives in Texas and I’m in California.  But I believe in true love, and true love always survives!”


That sounds like something a girl would write, and that’s not true love.  That’s just dumb.  How can you possibly fall in love with someone you’ve never even met?  And believe it or not I’ve heard multiple variations of the above time and time again.  Odds are, there are hundreds of girls living within a twenty mile radius that you’d say the very same thing about.  You simply haven’t met them because you’re stuck on  your computer surfing the net ten hours a day!

My rule of thumb is that if she’s not within driving distance, forget about her.  Who cares if she has a cam.  Sure you can call and email her but what’s the point?  Remember that you’re the one that’s going to be paying the long distance bill.  And paying for plane tickets for that twice yearly booty call for your woman in Texas is just stupid.  Don’t waste your time on that nonsense.

It is a bit different if a woman you're already in a relationship with moves away.  Granted, that’s gonna hurt.  But then she moved away from YOU, and unless you feel like chasing her like a puppy dog, the same rule applies.  Forget about her.  Unless she moved away to take care of her dying mother then she had a choice, and her choice was to leave you behind.

Get out there and meet real women.  There are thousands of them out there just waiting for real men to approach.  Yeah it can be a little intimidating to blindly approach women, but you have to start somewhere.  Whether it's at a grocery store or the mall, pick a hot woman, walk up to her, and say something.  When she shuts you down, pick another, and another, and another, until you achieve success.  It really is a simple numbers game.  The more women you approach, the quicker you’ll achieve a success.  And you’ll find that with each success, the next comes that much easier.  

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