How To Ask For Her Phone Number





“You’re really beautiful.  The most pretty girl in the whole club!  I’ve been staring at you for the last hour from across the room.  Did you notice?  I don’t suppose I could have your phone number? “

Don’t do that.  The above approach is just wrong on so many levels.  First of all, NEVER ASK for her phone number.  Tell her to give it to you.

Secondly, you need to actually have a conversation with a woman BEFORE you ask for her number.  You need to develop a rapport with her, establish common interests, to make her feel comfortable with you.  You can do this in less than five minutes, but walking up to a girl and point blank saying “You’re pretty, can I have your number?” is just creepy!

Amazingly I see men attempt to do this time and time again, especially at clubs.  By just asking a woman for her number you’re telling her that all you’re interested in are her looks.  That immediately labels you as being a creep.

And for God’s sake, don’t compliment her on her looks!  In fact, don’t compliment them at all when you first approach a woman.  Try to say something funny, witty, etc...  Don’t make it about how you love the fact that her twins are bulging out of her top.  That may be true, but talk about something else.  The hotter the woman, the less you should acknowledge her looks.  Talk about something else or she’ll put you in the “loser” category along with 99% of all the other guys she meets.  First show her that you’re different.

AFTER having had a conversation, the correct way to ask a woman for her phone number is to just tell her to give it to you.  Don’t ask her, don’t hint that you’d like it, just tell to hand it over.

“Give me your phone number.  I’ll prove that I can play Guitar Hero better than you.”

“What’s your number?  I’ll let you buy me dinner sometime if you play your cards right.”

“I’d give you my number but I don’t know for sure if you’re a weirdo or not.  Write down your number here.”

Keep it light and playful.  Don’t come across as being demanding, but ask confidently.  Assume the attitude that you’ve never been turned down and she’s lucky that you’re even asking.  Act meek and scared and she’ll assume that you’re used to rejection and there must be a reason that no one else wants you.

If she acts reluctant or worse, says she doesn’t have a phone and asks for your number, then just walk away.

“Don’t have a phone?  Awesome, nice chatting with you,” then move on to the next woman.

You’re a great catch (if not, you’re working on becoming one right?).  Any woman you meet should be honored to have you ask for her number.  If she rejects you don’t take it personally, just move onto the next woman.  Always ask for a number with confidence, as if you don’t have a shred of doubt that she’ll hand it right over.











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