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When perusing online personal ads most guys are very superficial.  Basically, their only criteria for judging a potential date is, “How hot is she?”  Fortunately, it’s a little different for most women.

A buddy of mine once spent literally two hours taking pictures of himself for an online dating site.  He’s not a bad looking guy, but he’s no Brad Pitt and he doesn’t have a six pack either.  He’s not overweight, but he won’t be running a marathon anytime soon.

Instead of posting an honest picture of himself, he spent hours taking pics until he achieved one that made him look a bit better than he actually looks in real life.  He also photo shopped it to further mask any flaws he had.  The end result was that his picture made him appear to be surprisingly more handsome than he looks in real life.

His theory was that he’d make himself look and sound as good as possible online, and then make up for his deficiencies when he met women in real life by dazzling them with his charming personality.  Unfortunately for him, all that happened is that women would be let down by his less than perfect physique and thinning hairline.  He’d make himself sound so good when chatting online that he could never live up to his dates very high expectations.

What he should have done is post a flattering but honest picture of himself online.  When chatting online with potential dates he should have impressed them with his wit and great sense of humor.  Instead of talking about how good looking he was or about how he’d just gotten back from the gym, he should have been using his extensive language skills to impress them with his writing.

By setting his dates expectations so high, there’s no way they would have been happy with anything less than a Brad Pitt or George Clooney look-alike.  He should have given them realistic expectations regarding his looks so that when he finally did hook up with someone he’d met online, they could only be pleasantly surprised.

Of course you shouldn’t tell potential dates that your hair is thinning, you have a bit of a gut, or say anything negative at all about yourself.  All we’re saying is that you shouldn’t intentionally mislead women about your looks.  Impress them with your great sense of humor, energy, etc…  Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure, as your dates will only experience disappointment when they finally meet you.

Be honest about your looks.  Thankfully, most women are much less superficial than men are.

















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