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Have you ever noticed how your mood not only influences your own behavior, but that of those around you as well?  A re-occurring theme throughout the website is that you first need to be happy with who you are on the inside before you can attract hot women.  Why is this so important?  Well, one reason is that if you don’t like yourself then you’ll always be in a foul mood.  And women generally aren’t attracted to grumpy men.

Imagine being at a club.  You’re having a GREAT time drinking some brews with your buddies.  It’s Friday night and you accomplished a ton during the week at your job.  You took out another CD this week for 10k because financially you’re very responsible, and tomorrow your new surfboard will be done at the shapers!  You are VERY pleased with the way your life is going.

That contentment you feel will radiate out like a bright light for others to see.  Women will pick up on that success, that love of life, and will be enthralled by it.  You’re having a great night; you’re having a great life!  It won’t be hard for you to genuinely smile at women that you’ve just met.  You’ll speak enthusiastically about what you’re doing with your life.  You will radiate positive energy!  It’s hard for women NOT to be attracted to a man under these circumstances.

Now imagine the other side of the coin.  You just got done flipping burgers at your job.  You had to stay late because the toilet was overflowing and the manager left you to deal with it because he had a hot date.  You’re trying to watch your weight but the toilet emergency stressed you out, so instead of heading home for a healthy dinner you throw down three burgers and two chili cheese fries.  Hey, at least they were free.

You hop into your old beat up car with the passenger side door that won’t open.  You’ll never take a date for a ride in this car again because the last one thought you were trying to trap her inside when the door wouldn’t open!  She called it “The creepy car.”

You stop at home on the way to the club to scrounge up some change for drinks.  You’ve got nearly $11.50 to last you the entire night.  I guess you won’t be buying the ladies drinks tonight.

Now how do you think this poor guy is going to fair at the club?  Will he radiate confidence?  Will his mood be upbeat?  No.  The only way he’ll have a good night is if his friends give him some charity and buy him enough beer to get him wasted.  This guy is going to be about as fun to hang out with as a wet sock.

Mood is critical when approaching women.  Being in a great mood and having enthusiasm for life is contagious.  Being positive shows that you have a passion for life.  Women will sense this and become addicted to your energy.

Get your own life squared away and you’ll project confidence, and positive energy.  Are you stuck flipping burgers in a dead end job?  Work on what needs to be fixed and improve your life.  Just the act of making solid healthy choices in life will improve your mood and outlook.

Women will forgive you if your current station in life isn’t exactly perfect.  As long as you’re making progress towards improving your position in life, your outlook will be positive and you’ll radiate the type of energy that attracts women.












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