Revenge On The Ex-Girlfriend





Recently a buddy excitedly told me that an ex-girlfriend of his had contacted him after being apart for several years. Apparently she’d really done a number on his heart. He’d fallen hard for this woman and she’d dumped him for a co-worker who just happened to be his boss at the time. He not only lost his girlfriend, he lost what he thought was a friend and inevitably his job as well.

So why was he happy that she’d contacted him after all these years? Puzzled, I listened to him happily describe his plan for revenge. She’d broken his heart so he’d return the favor. In her letter she apologized for hurting him in the past. She said that after being in several empty relationships, she finally realized what she’d lost. She explained that she’d needed to go out and date other men in order to realize that he really was her soul mate. Her letter made it sound as though she was desperate to be with him again.

Of course I figured that she was probably just on the re-bound. I imagined that she had just broken up with some other chump and wanted someone, anyone to hook up with. Being alone and hurting, she probably stumbled across his Myspace page and decided that he’d be easy prey. Some people are so needy that they simply can’t be alone for more than a few days.

My friend’s genius plan was to take her out and use his newfound Zewb-like woman seducing skills to knock her socks off. After a romantic evening out he’d take her back to his place, amaze her with his current success in life (his fancy condo and possessions) and seduce her. Then he’d kick her out of the condo.

After their encounter he’d promise to call her but wouldn’t. When she would finally call him as he was certain she’d do, some other girl would answer his phone and say “Why are you calling my boyfriend!” This was actually his plan. He could barely contain his excitement as he devised his dumb little scheme.

I stared at him blankly and said “Why?”

“Why what?” he answered.

“Why are you wasting your time getting revenge on some idiot girl? What exactly will that accomplish?”

“It will make me feel better.”

I believe in Karma. I believe that your actions in life really can come back at some point and bite you in the rear end. To the best of my ability I try to avoid negativity and surround myself with positive energy. I always try to see the glass as half full.

Why spend all of this time and energy getting back at some woman that hurt you? I told my friend to just leave it alone. Just let it go. Life is too short to spend time hurting people that once hurt you. Especially over a relationship that ended years ago!

All that time and energy spent feeding on this negative energy could be used to do something positive! Why devise this plan to hurt some woman when you could use that energy to go out and find a lady that is actually worth your time and effort. Use all of that energy and thought to better yourself, to meet people, to enrich your own life.

Revenge is a futile waste of time. I don’t care how badly a woman hurt your feelings. She dumped you? She took your money? She made you feel insignificant in life?

You should question why you gave her that much power over you in the first place. You should question why you allowed yourself to be placed in such a vulnerable position. You should re-evaluate your own criteria for selecting women because you obviously made a mistake. A woman should complement an already rich life, not be the sole purpose of it.

So your plan to make things right is to invest more time into some woman by exacting revenge? How will revenge make your life more fulfilling? How will revenge enrich your life? Think about that for a second. You’re going to let this woman further OWN you by stooping to her level. Life is too short for such nonsense. Allowing yourself to become overly vulnerable is as much the man’s fault as it is the woman’s for taking advantage of his weakness.

Ultimately my friend did go through with his ridiculous plan. It didn’t work out quite the way he had anticipated. Yes they went out, and yes she spent the night. But then she never called him back anyway, or even attempt to see him again. Apparently she was just out for a one night fling the same as he.






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