Even The Best Strike Out





I’m not afraid to say it.  I’m a good looking guy!  I’m fit, dress well, am articulate, and I’m not afraid to approach a hot woman.  Heck, I’ll approach groups of hot women.  I’m fearless when it comes to cold approaches.  More times than not women find me to be witty and charming.  I usually walk away with a phone number.  My friends sometimes want to strangle me they’re so jealous of my smooth approaches.

So I can honestly say that it was greatly unsettling when I got shot down six times in a row on one lousy day.  And not just turned down, I mean cringe away from the “freaky weird guy,” type reactions.  Until that day I’d never before seen a girl cringe at me in horror as if she was thinking, “EWWWW, someone make it go away! It pains me terribly to view his monstrous face!!!”

It started during a weekend lunch at the local grill.  A friend and I noticed a group of girls chatting.  They kept looking our way and one of them was pretty cute.  I approached the cute one from behind and tapped her on the shoulder preparing to say something brilliantly clever.  She jerked her head around to face me and literally grimaced when we made eye contact.

Apparently my face frightened her so much that while turning she flung the contents of her drink onto her girlfriend’s top.  Forgetting everything I’d planned to say I stood there like a dolt, face glowing red with embarrassment, mouth hanging open with half formed words not quite escaping.  I can honestly say that I’m not sure what gibberish spewed out of my mouth.  I transformed from Don Juan into clueless chump over the span of about 10 seconds.

It wasn’t pretty and I won’t go over the details of our VERY brief conversation, as I don’t want the memory to scar me any more than it already has.  But it ended with me mumbling an apology and the girls using some very unflattering words.  When I got back to my table my friend was literally in tears he was laughing so hard His response to my very public failure was, “Don’t worry Greg, we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you!”  Ha F-ing Ha!

And by that evening it had happened five more times!  Each rejection seemed to become more painful than the last.  By the end of the night my confidence was entirely blown.  I was convinced that somehow all of my previous successes over the last few years had been flukes and that somehow I must have mysteriously been hit with the ugly stick when I wasn’t watching.  I mean I was really, REALLY down on myself.

Did I let it get keep me down?  No.  The next day after a morning run and a cup of coffee, I saw the world in a new light.  I reminded myself that seducing women really is a numbers game.  You will encounter long runs of successes as well as the painful, seemingly endless stream of rejections.  The key is to not start doubting yourself.  After the first couple rejections I should have called it a day and realized that I was just running bad.

Each rejection that I experienced made me more anxious to achieve a success.  By the end of the night, in my own mind I desperately needed to achieve a successful result.  I craved validation.  Women can sense both desperation as well as low self-confidence.  And that night I was suffering from both.  The kindest thing I could have done for myself was to just go home and crash.

A couple days later while standing in line at the local coffee shop I got the number of a girl that I would easily describe as a 9.5 on the hot body scale.  We will have been dating for almost two months as of today.  True story.









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