Don't Forget Your Wingman





Have you ever gone to a club with a group of guys who just stand there looking like dolts?  They stare at all the hot women but don’t have the stones to approach any of them.  They’ll stand there acting loud and tough, like they might be able to impress women enough to approach THEM.  Yeah right.  Women just love clowns!

Fortunately for you, you do have the stones to approach women, by yourself if need be.  When you finally spot a woman that might possibly be worth chatting with, your friends say “Go get her man!”  Instead of approaching the woman who is part of a fairly large group herself, as a group to back you up, they send you out alone while snickering loudly.

Not only do they not back you up, they make loud inappropriate noises at your expense as you’re walking over to her.  Then like a bunch of little boys they stare at the two of you, giggling and laughing.  Not very helpful at all.  That’s a GREAT way to sabotage your approach because your target will associate you with your retard friends, assuming you’re an idiot as well.

That is why I never go to clubs with large groups of guys.  When clubbing I take one wingman that I trust, occasionally two.  I take them as backup because I can trust them.  I know that they won’t sabotage me, or make me look like an idiot.  They’re fairly good at picking up women themselves so I know that they won’t slow me down.

The only thing worse than not having a wingman at a club or bar is having a bad one.  Don’t take your awkward co-worker with no social life just because you feel sorry for him and figure his shyness will disappear after a drink or two.  He’ll just make things worse, trust me.  You’ll approach a group of girls and he’ll stand there looking down at his feet, or worse, staring at their chests.  Or he’ll drink too much to get rid of his fear and in his excitement to meet women, act like a fool.

This is why you need a wingman you can trust, that you’ve known for awhile.  He doesn’t need to be as successful as you with women, but he should have some skill.

A good wingman will give you confidence when approaching groups of women.  He’ll back you up and add credibility to your stories.  He’ll run interference when necessary and stop other men, and the occasional jealous ugly friend from ruining your pick-up.  Often times the hotties will have a protective ugly friend who will chase away men if she can.  If she can’t have a good looking guy, then her friend can’t either!  Wingmen traditionally will take one for the team and feign interest in the ugly annoying chick.

One thing to remember is that before approaching a group of women, make sure you have a plan.  Is your wingman running interference, which woman is your target, etc..  If you’re going to run a line about how you’re a screen writer, be sure to brief your wingman ahead of time so that he’s not taken off guard.  Make your plans before the approach.

One other item of importance is to remember to repay the favor.  Your wingman isn’t just there to help you.  You’re there to assist him as well.  If he spends 30 minutes listening to a drunk, heavy woman talk about how 99% of men are pigs, be sure to repay the favor!  You won’t have a wingman for long if all he does is assist.

And finally, your wingman is a shoulder to cry on.  Get shot down by three groups of women in fifteen minutes?  Yeah it stings.  A good wingman will crack jokes and lift your spirits.  When you’re alone it’s hard to be objective and easy to become down on yourself when rejected.  A good wingman will keep your perspective real.  He’ll get you back in the game without giving you a chance to surrender.

A good wingman can make the difference in whether you have a mediocre night, or a highly successful one.  Choose one carefully.








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