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To the left is a menu of the top online dating sites for men.  Each review is unbiased and based upon the collective experiences of our staff members and acquaintances who have participated at each site.  We've tried to be as honest as possible in each review in order for you to get a true feel for each site.

If you're considering using one of the online dating services reviewed on our site, please keep in mind that match making services are a poor substitute for going out and meeting women the old fashioned way.  Before using an online dating service your game should already be top notch.  Don't let the internet become a crutch, hindering you from developing real experience with women.  You need to get out there and approach lots of women in real life.  You need to experience the rejections that will naturally come your way.  You need to develop real world experience before entering the world of online dating.

There's no shortcut to becoming proficient at seducing women.  Online dating services should be viewed as simply one more tool available to you.  Don't rely on it entirely or your growth will be stunted.  I've known men that haven't developed their game fully because it's so easy to hook up with someone over the internet.  In real life approaching women helps develop your character, numbs your feelings when you are rejected, and helps you to grow socially.

On the internet getting a date with a perfect stranger for Saturday night can be as easy as sending an email or two.  If you haven't got a lot of real world experience behind you before you go on that date, the results may not be to your liking.  Use online dating services as often as you'd like but continue to approach women on the street every day.

Keep in mind also that people on the internet lie.  That slender 23 year old, red haired hottie may in fact be 39, married, and slightly off in the head.  If you're going to meet someone from an online dating service insist upon seeing a current picture and be sure to speak with them on the phone first.  We'd also advise that your first meeting be at a public place like Starbucks Coffee.

Good luck and be safe!


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