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Overall Rating 7.5/10


Yahoo Personals has been around for a long time.  Yahoo itself started up in the early 90's as one of the first search engines.  I like Yahoo and I've logged countless hours in their free chat rooms.  Yahoo has a solid reputation as a stand-up, trustworthy company.

So how does their dating service stack up?  I'd say it's definitely adequate.  It's also refreshingly simple.  You don't have to spend an hour filling out ridiculously long personality profiles (cough, Eharmony, cough).  Profiles are simple and easy to set up.  You can begin browsing others' profiles within minutes of setting up an account.  Yahoo is by far the easiest of the dating sites to get up and running on.  I was looking for women within 5 minutes of opening an account.

Yahoo Personals main selling point besides ease of use is the huge amount of singles they've got listed.  Their database is simply massive!  Even if you live in a small town back east, you'll find singles in your area.  Thankfully, most profiles have pictures so you won't have to waste time with ugly women.

Yahoo Personals has two membership levels, normal and premier.  The only real difference between the two is that premier memberships are geared more towards people looking for serious relationships (marriage).  Premier subscribers are allowed to search for other premier users and are given more statistical info such as relationship fit ratings.  If you're the typical guy just looking to have some fun, then I'd go with the normal membership.

Memberships start at around $25 per month.  There are better rates for purchasing multiple months at a time.  Premier memberships begin at around $40.  If you're serious enough that you're willing to pay upwards of $40 a month to find a partner, then I'd go with Eharmony as the entire focus of their site is marriage.  If you just want to have some fun, then Yahoo Personals is the way to go.

Overall I really like Yahoo Personals.  It's one of the quickest dating sites to get set up on.  It's also very easy to find multiple dates in your local area.  Communication with potential dates is simple and usually quick.  In most cases I was able to gauge interest quickly and either move on or land a date.  If you're just looking to have some fun and meet attractive women then I highly recommend giving Yahoo Personals a try. 


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