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Match.com is the largest and oldest of the online dating sites.  They've got a huge database of subscribers and are spoken well of in such magazines as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.  Although you can find weirdoes in any online dating service, Match.com seems to appeal to primarily middle to high income working singles.

Upon joining the first thing you'll want to do is create a profile and then upload a photo.  All profiles and photos are reviewed by Match.com personnel in order to screen out objectionable material.  Be honest in your profile but be sure not to come off as a boring loser with no life either.  Even if you don't do anything in particular that sets you apart from other men, talk about something you're passionate about.  Even if it's fly fishing, show some sort of enthusiasm for life or you won't receive much attention from the women.  What woman wants to date a boring guy?

Match.com has a "wink" feature whereby instead of spending time writing lengthy intros to prospective love interests, you can send them a "wink" letting them know that you're interested.  The member you sent the "wink" to will then check your profile upon logging back into the network and respond if interested.

The general consensus from our staff is that this is one of the best online dating sites available.  The sheer number of people you can meet combined with their advanced search algorithm will allow you to find just about any type of person you could possibly fathom.  Want to meet a red haired, green eyed, 26 year old woman of Irish descent living in South Orange County who enjoys playing the drums and going to Star Trek conventions?  If she exists, Match.com will find her for you.

Several of our staff members reported easily landing multiple dates with women ranging everywhere from "slightly fugly," to "smoking hot."  One member did report being stood up on his first attempt at dating through Match.com, but that isn't their fault. 

The few complaints that were expressed among our staff included wasted time due to people not responding to emails, excessive advertising online while searching through personals, and having to wait up to 48 hours for profile approval every time they made a change.  We feel that these are typical of any of the major online dating sites and did not significantly detract from the overall experience.


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