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Are you looking to score loose chicks and learn the hottest pick-up lines?  If so... then this website is NOT for you. 

Zewb isn't just about scoring hot chicks, but about developing true character and confidence that will last a lifetime.  For you can't attract women until you have something worthy of them being attracted to.  And that won't happen until you can honestly look inside yourself and say "I like what I see."  Zewb is about developing the type of inner peace and confidence that will show you through any type of turmoil that life will throw your way. 

Before you can develop real confidence you need to stop caring about women.  Stop caring about getting laid, finding a girlfriend, finding a mate.  Look inside yourself and develop a strength and passion for everything you do in life.  Stop mimicking what society tells you makes one successful and focus on developing inner strength.

Success isn't about what you wear, what you drive, or how big your bank account is.  Real success is about developing character and inner strength, which can only be earned by pushing yourself past boundaries that you didn't think you could cross.  Real character and strength isn't something you're born with, but something that you grind out through pure determination, sweat, and a great deal of pain.

Developing true character hurts because you must hurl yourself into unfamiliar situations and face fears and uncertainties that lesser males are unwilling to face.  This requires the ability to be honest with one's self and uncover aspects of your psyche that you might have preferred stayed hidden.  Not all males are capable of this sort of inner reflection.  That's why there are very few real men on this planet.

If you can master your fears and push yourself hard enough then you'll be rewarded with what few males ever achieve.  This is to be a real man with real strength.  Most males mimic strength.  They pretend they've got it and put on a show of it for others while deep inside they're but little boys cringing in terror. 

Developing real strength brings about an inner calm.  With this inner calm comes the knowledge that you can handle anything and be successful at whatever you attempt.  There are far too few real men in this world.  Zewb is devoted to helping you become one of those few real men known as Alpha Males.

First become successful inside and out at all that you do.  Then women will literally fight each other to be at your side.

So many people tiptoe through life so carefully -- to arrive safely at death.

Jermaine Evans











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