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"Man who stand on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in."  -Confucius



Step 1.  Take Action Now


I read lots of posts on other websites asking ridiculous questions such as “How do I know if she likes me?” or “Should I ask her out?”  Here’s the answer, JUST ASK HER!  Thinking about and analyzing specific women is a waste of time.  If you're interested in a woman just walk over and ask her out on a date.  It's that simple.  Take action now!

Walk up to her and say "Hey, let's go have some fun sometime, what's your phone number?"  If she hesitates, move on to the next woman.  It's that simple.  Don't think about it, don't worry about it, don't analyze it, just do it.

Constantly mulling garbage around in your head like "Well she did this and said that so it must mean she likes me... but then yesterday she looked at me funny and then said this so I dunno..."  Just stop this nonsense.  Everyone does it from time to time.  Just stop.  Stop and act NOW.  When you find yourself rationalizing approaching a woman or worrying about whether she likes you, just stop it.  Approach her and find out!


Step 2. The Approach


You spot a woman that you're interested in.  If you've met her before then great, it'll be easier for you to approach.  If it's a complete stranger, even better because then you don't have to worry about ever seeing her again. 

I know what you're thinking.  "I'm scared!"

Yeah, I know that.  Even now after years of experience I occasionally feel a twinge of nervousness before an approach.  I actually enjoy it now.  It's a rush and it makes you feel alive.  Even if I get shot down in the most miserable possible way I still enjoy the approach.  It's exciting and afterwards no matter how it turned out I feel good about myself.  Most men are unable to approach complete strangers and ask them out on a date.  I do, and so can you.

People often make the approach appear to be much more difficult than it need be.  I've read on other websites about how you need to say the right pickup line, have the right attitude, look a certain way, etc...   You don't need a pickup line, in fact don't use them at all!  All you need to do is approach a woman and give her the impression that you're a man.  The mere fact that you've got the guts to approach will immediately start you off on the right foot with her.

Here's all you have to do.  Walk up to her and say "Hi, my names 'whatever.'"  Then engage her in suitable conversation for the environment you're in.  If in a grocery store ask her about what she's purchasing.  In a coffee shop ask her what drink she's holding.  Anything will do.  It's not so much what comes out of your mouth but the way you say it.  Just open your mouth and talk.

Ideally you should appear confident, slightly cocky, and funny.  But at first all that matters is that you approach.  How you present yourself will improve your odds over time.  At first just force yourself to approach no matter how badly you mess it up.

Lets say you walk up to this hottie that you thought was by herself.  Right after you introduce yourself five of her hot friends rush up and join her surprising you.  You totally lose your cool and act like a complete imbecile.  You start sweating, your voice gets shaky, and you crash and burn miserably while they walk away from you laughing. 

That's happened to me before and you know what?  Afterwards I'm always glad that I made the approach.  Sure it's embarrassing at the time but you learn something from every approach.  Every single rejection you experience makes the next one sting a little less.  Eventually you'll completely stop caring.  That's when your game really improves because you can stop worrying about how embarrassed and awkward you feel and concentrate on what's important, what you say and how you present yourself.

There's another important reason to approach hot women even though you may crash and burn.  If I experienced 100 approaches similar to the one described above, I would have some limited success even with my lousy performance.  Perhaps 7 out of those 100 times they wouldn't walk away laughing and I'd have a phone number.  No matter how badly you come off, sometimes just the fact that you are willing to act like a man and approach will impress the woman enough to get a date.  Occasionally they'll think your awkwardness is cute.

Think of each rejection you experience as a gaining points.  For every so many rejection points you'll earn a success.  Because that's really how it works.  You have to get through a certain amount of rejections before you're rewarded.  Your success ratio will vary but with practice you can decrease the amount of rejections you receive substantially.




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