Dating Introduction

Zewb.com is dedicated to helping you learn how to attract hot women and how to keep them interested.  Before we can do that you need to learn some basics.  We suggest that you start with the article on Inner Strength and work your way down.

We understand that attempting to absorb the entire site in one sitting can and will be overwhelming.  We suggest that you read through each article and really think about how it pertains to your life.  Take your time.  You don’t need to read every article today.  Read an article or two and think about how it applies to your life.  Do you need to work on your body image?  Then write down the steps that you feel are necessary to get to where you need to be and start from there.  This site is about taking action NOW.  Simply reading through the site will accomplish nothing.  You need to learn and then act.  We suggest that you keep a journal near by to keep track of your goals and successes.

At the end of the Basic Dating Tips section is our Dating Guide.  Up until that point the articles give general suggestions on how to improve yourself.  They're designed to make you think, possibly about ideas you haven't considered before.  The Dating Guide is where we get to the serious content on how to break out of your shell and really start scoring women. 

The Dating Guide is designed to give you a basic seduction template to follow.  It’s designed to challenge you just enough so that you’re forced to break out of your comfort zone.  The Dating Guide is all about action.  Approach, approach, approach women until the fear it gone.  Once the fear is gone you can start applying specific techniques that you’ve learned instead of focusing on how nervous you are.

To meet women you need confidence, the correct attitude, and enough insight and knowledge of women in general to keep you from becoming their emotional punching bag.  With hard work and some personal reflection you should have no problem succeeding with women.  You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt or have a bank account like Donald Trump to score hot women.  You simply need to believe that you deserve a woman like that.  You are what people perceive you to be.  And that perception starts with you. 


Good luck! 

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