Negative Hits



You're on a date with a woman that could be the identical twin sister of Angelina Jolie.  I mean this woman is freaking amazing!  Gorgeous figure, beautiful face, and she even has a nice personality!  The pressure is on.  You DO NOT want to let this one get away.

So during the date she tells you about how guys always ask her if she's a model, whistle at her, etc..  She tells you that she'd like to meet someone that can see past all that, someone interesting.

So what do you do?  You tell her that you can't blame those guys because she is hot!  Then you ask her if she's ever done any modeling because she definitely has the curves for it.  You emphasize the word "curves" while looking down at her chest approvingly. Smooth...

Women that are smoking hot are used to being hit on by everyone from young boys to gross old men.  They get attention constantly and they've literally heard every line in the book.  The only way you're going to impress someone like this is to be different. 

You need to be interested in something OTHER than her looks.  Never compliment a hot woman on her looks.  Find other qualities that you like about her, aspects of her personality, interests, etc. that you can compliment.  When you do compliment her make sure it's seldom, sincere, and has been earned. 

With women that are incredibly hot, those ranking in at a 9 or a 10, you may need to use what I call negative hits.  As I've said a million times before, women don't want clingy, desperate men.  They want a challenge.  Tell her how hot she is and you'll be like all the rest, only interested in one thing, typical, and boring.

So if I was the unfortunate chump in the situation above, when she told me that men always ask her if she's a model,  I would chuckle softly and say "You're too short to be a model."  I wouldn't say it in a mean way.  I'd tease her in a fun way.  I'd make fun of her a bit.  "And besides," I'd say, "I've never seen a model with buck teeth before."

Don't validate her beauty.  Tease her about it.  Find some flaws that she has.  Be a little mean, then tell her that you're just kidding.  Play with her a bit.  It takes experience to pull it off.  There's a fine line between being playful and overdoing it.  You'll find it with practice. 

Use negative hits to take her off guard and to show her that you're not like other men.  You're not going to worship her and you won't bow to her every whim.  Who cares if she's hot?  You need to show her that to you she's just one of the many women vying for your attention.   Her extraordinary beauty is irrelevant and she needs to prove her worth to you just like any other woman.

"But what if she takes offense and storms off?" you ask.

Then good riddance.  Any woman that can't tolerate a little teasing at her expense isn't worth your effort.  Believe me, an ego that big on a girl is just not worth hassling with.  In fact it's good to find this type of thing out at the very first.  It will save you a lot of problems later.

You may be dying to get her to come home with you.  This may be the most stunningly attractive woman that you've ever laid eyes on, but under no circumstances is she to ever sense that you feel this way.  That's why dating more than one woman at a time is absolutely critical.  When you finally do meet someone that you're absolutely blown away by, knowing that you have other women waiting in the wings will take the pressure off.  It will keep you from coming across as being desperate, because you aren't.  I swear that women can sense desperation in men no matter how hard you try to hide it.

Another way to use negative hits is when you sense her interest level is low.  Here's one technique that I've used with great success when chatting with women at a club or bar.  If I sense her interest to be lukewarm then I'll ask her about her friend.  First I'll wait for her to tell me something about herself.  After she does I'll feign disappointment.  "Oh really, you like rap music?" At which point I'll grimace slightly.  I'll then abruptly switch the conversation to her friend.  "Well what about your friend over there.  I noticed her when I first came in but haven't gotten the courage up to speak with her yet.  Does she like symphonies?"

This will bother the woman on so many levels that her interest in you will often skyrocket without her even realizing it.  Firstly, you just insulted the type of music she listens to showing her that you're a man and that you're not afraid to tell her what you really think or to disagree with her.  Secondly, she'll be extremely irritated because you just admitted that not only did you NOT notice her right when you first walked into the place, you noticed her friend instead and probably find her to be more attractive than she is.  She'll then assume that the only reason you're probably talking to her is because you want an introduction to her friend.

If you play this scenario correctly it will typically end up with her trying to convince you how much better she is than her friend.  Nothing gets under a woman's skin like competition with another woman.  Especially if that woman is her friend!  Of course the fun part is allowing her to convince you that she's better.

Use negative hits sparingly and only when dealing with hot women with potentially huge egos.  Use negative hits to drop their defenses and show them that you're not like other men.  Women want mysterious men that aren't like the rest of the crowd.  Show them that you ARE that man.  Even if you don't believe it, acting in that manner can eventually make it real.  As I've said a million times, you are what people perceive you to be.  You can control what that perception is!






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