Where To Meet Women




It's Saturday night, your friends aren't available and you want to go meet some women.  But where to go?  "Hmm.." you think to yourself, "I should go check out that new club that just opened near Huntington Beach."  Bad idea! 

Clubs and bars are the most difficult places to meet women.  First of all they're sausage fests.  Do you really want to go hang out at a place where depending upon the club, up to 90% of the people inside are male?  Even the best clubs sport a ratio along the lines of 60-40.  You're stacking the odds against yourself right from the start.

Secondly, women have their b*#%h shields set to maximum strength at bars.  They know why you're there and they also know why you're hitting on them.  They know that you probably just want to get laid so they're going to be very very picky, far more picky than they would normally be out in the real world.  Approach an attractive girl in a club and you'll often get shot down.  Start up a friendly conversation with that same exact girl inside a local super market and you'll often get a much more positive response.

Of that 10%-40% of women inside the club around 1/4 are probably there with their boyfriends, another 1/4 probably have a boyfriend somewhere and are just there to have fun with their girlfriends, and another 1/4 will be ugly and/or fat.  That doesn't leave you very many options does it!  And every guy in the club will be hitting on those remaining few available women nonstop all night long.  Talk about setting yourself up for failure!

Clubs and bars are best attended with friends.  You should go there just to hang out with your buddies and have a good time.  At least if you're with your friends you can goof around and have some fun.  As an added bonus there are women there that you might be able to hook up with (heavy emphasis on the word "might").  When going clubbing with friends the emphasis should be on having fun with your friends.

I'm not saying that it's impossible to go to a club or bar by yourself and hook up with a hottie.  What I'm saying is that it's much more difficult than it otherwise would be and definitely isn't a good choice when you're new to the game.  Many of the people reading this article may not have the highest self confidence level when it comes to women (hopefully that will change soon).  I don't want you guys to go to a club, get shot down repeatedly and think "wow I really suck at this!" and then give up trying for good looking women. 

Getting shot down at a club means absolutely nothing about you as a person.  It doesn't mean you're ugly, awkward, or a loser.  I've seen guys as good looking as Brad Pitt get shot down left and right at clubs.  Women will go to a club just to see who can turn away the most men sometimes.  They think it's fun.

So where should you go to meet women?  You should select locations where women have their guard down and are more open to a complete stranger starting up a conversation with them.  Some of my favorite places are bookstores, coffee shops, supermarkets, anywhere where their shields are down.  They expect to be hit on at bars, clubs, the beach, etc..  Go somewhere where you'll get their normal reaction, not a defensive one.

When going solo I particularly like supermarkets.  Women love a man that can cook. If you approach a woman for cooking advice in a friendly non-aggressive way, she'll often yap on and on.  If she enjoys chatting with you (they often will if you practice enough) then you've got the perfect opening to ask for a phone number.  Thank her for her advice and tell her that you owe her a dinner now.  It doesn't have to be a smooth line, just say something nice and ask for her number!

Coffee shops are also excellent places to pick up women.  Hit the coffee shops around local colleges.  They're packed with hot women studying.  Bring a laptop, buy a cup of joe, and then start choosing targets.  You don't have to have the best pick up line or be the smoothest guy in the place, you just have to try.  Being successful with women is a numbers game.  You may have a higher or lower success ratio than others, but you will have a ratio.  No one fails 100% of approaches 100% of the time.  For every X amount of failures you'll have one success.  With practice that ratio will improve significantly. 

So approach, approach, and then approach more women.  It doesn't matter where it is, just approach.  Treat every failure as a learning experience and you'll encounter those failures less and less often. 





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