How To Use Kino





My name is Buck Geebers and I like to touch women.  I go up and say “Howdy Miss!  Kin I touch yer goods?!”  And then I give’em an old fashioned grope or two!  They just love it.  I practiced my technique on my sister when I was young.  Now I’m real good at touching women.  Course I can never go back to Tennessee cause I got nine warrants, but it’s all good.  They’re just misunderstandings.  It sometimes takes a lot of Kino before a woman realizes how much she likes me.  Giving her alcohol does help quite a bit.

Don’t act like Buck.  Kino IS about touching women.  But you need to be subtle and appropriate.  It’s NOT about groping, fondling, or violating a woman’s personal space.

Kino should be used tastefully to judge interest and to create a spark between you and your potential partner.  Kino can be applied immediately upon meeting a woman, and can be as subtle as briefly touching her arm for a second or two.

Kino should be used to help a woman become accustomed to your touch.  It lets her know subconsciously that you’re attracted to her.  Just the act of applying Kino displays confidence.  It shows her that you’re more than the average chump.  If she’s at all attracted to you, applying Kino will flame that interest.

During a conversation lightly touch her hand when making a point.  Briefly squeeze her arm in reaction to something funny or interesting that she’s just told you.  Gauge her reaction each time you touch her.  When you move into her personal space is she pulling back?  Is she touching you at all in return?

Often when you apply Kino, a woman will start touching you back without even realizing she’s doing it.  She’ll start leaning into you.  This is a GREAT sign.  It means that you’ve got her hooked and all you need to do is reel her in.

If she recoils from your touch, immediately stop.  She may simply need more time to warm up to you.  This doesn’t mean to abort the mission entirely, but it does mean to proceed with caution.  This could be an indication that she’s spoken for, or just plain not attracted to you.

Again, appropriate ways to apply Kino are light touches on the hand, arm, shoulder etc...  It is NOT acceptable to grab her rear end, squeeze her thigh, etc…  Kino should be applied in a seductive, tasteful manner.  Your job is not to grope, it is to reel her in by acting confident, classy, and seductive.

When using Kino keep in mind that you must do it in a confident manner.  It’s ok to be nervous.  We all face insecurities from time to time.  But attempt Kino when you’re ACTING nervous and she’ll think you’re creepy, like you’re doing something that you know you shouldn’t.  Touch her in a confident manner and she’ll melt right into your arms.  It’s all about attitude.

Kino should be used as a precursor to kissing.  I once went on a double date with an acquaintance.  Not once during the date did he make any effort at all to establish rapport with the woman. He didn’t show interest, did not build himself up as a mystery, did not apply Kino, nothing.  He spent the entire evening talking about himself.  He believed that if he impressed her enough by spewing out his entire boring life story, then she would fall for him.

Obviously, women do not work that way.  At the end of the date when we went to drop her off at home he whispered to me, “I should kiss her right?”

I was incredulous!  He’d spent the last four hours talking AT the poor woman and now expected her to throw herself at him.  What a poor clueless chump.

Kino should be used sparingly and appropriately.  Use it to judge interest, to see where you stand with a woman.  Use it to seduce, to show her that you’re confident and sexy.  When applied correctly Kino can make the difference between a woman being mildly interested, and that same woman throwing herself at you.







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