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You meet the woman of your dreams down at the college library of all places.  She's hot, sexy, and intelligent.  You immediately clear your schedule for the next couple weeks so that you can see as much of her as possible.  You stop calling the two other women you were seeing because you're certain that this girl is the one, your soul mate.  Your mother always told you that there was one special girl in the whole world out there for just you and she was right!  This is the one, you can feel it.

For two months the two of you see each other nearly every day.  You give her flowers, chocolates, poetry, the whole nine yards.  You're so infatuated with this girl that you're beginning to think marriage.  Then she dumps you for your buddy.

Sound familiar?  Most people get to enjoy experiencing this or a similar scenario at least once in their lives.  The healthy guys get over it and more on, having learned something from the experience.  The losers obsess about how they lost their soul mate and will never find another.

Did  you come on too strong?  Maybe you can win her back if you try?  Or is she just an evil b&^%h out to break as many hearts as possible?

WHO CARES?  She didn't do this to you.  It's entirely your own fault that you're in pain right now.  This happened because you ignored the cardinal rule of dating.  Never date just one girl, especially if you're young!  Young men in their early twenties should be dating as much as possible.  You shouldn't even consider marriage until you're past thirty in my opinion.  Mid thirties is my recommendation.  People change so dramatically between their twenties and thirties that if you get married at 24, she'll likely be a totally different person at 34, as will you be.

The key word in the second paragraph is "infatuated."  Because that's really all you've got after two months.  It isn't love and she sure isn't your soul mate.  How do I know this?  Because real love takes years to develop.  It only develops after the infatuation stage has worn off and you get to see what the girl is really like.

There are so many failed marriages today because people become addicted to the infatuation phase.  Once that begins to wither away they start thinking, "Hmm, this must not be my soul mate after all, I better go find the real one."

So how do you protect your heart from being broken or from becoming attached to what will eventually turn into a cranky B*$&h?  You date several women at all times.  Firstly, at a young age you should be exploring what types of women you're really attracted to.  You need to experience many different flavors of women so that you can tell what really makes you tick, rather than being blinded by infatuation and settling for the first girl you find.  

Secondly, this protects your heart.  If you're dating three women and one woman dumps you.  Who cares?  You've got two others waiting in the wings, hopefully more.  This also will stop you from acting desperate or needy which will kill a relationship in a heartbeat.  If you've given your heart to just one woman, the thought of her leaving you will be unbearable.  You may not even realize it but you'll do and say things that you otherwise wouldn't.  You'll give off a "needy" vibe.  You won't be a challenge anymore and the girl will likely get bored or be repulsed by your undying devotion.  The younger you are the more this is true.

This doesn't mean that you should deceive every girl you meet.  Quite the opposite, you should be upfront and tell them simply that life is short, you're young and yes you go on dates just like any normal young male.  Women want men that other women want.  This will likely make them become more attracted to you.

Date as many women as you possibly can when you're young so that when it really is time to settle down, you'll truly know what your type is.  Don't let infatuation blind you.





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