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Don't feel like going out clubbing or wherever it is you go to meet women?  No problem my friend!  You can meet women sitting at your computer in your underwear while drinking beer and eating potato chips.  You don't need to shave or even wash for that matter to chat with a gorgeous woman online.

Chat services like Yahoo Chat are getting more and more popular these days.  You have a variety to choose from and they're all basically the same.  I like Yahoo Chat myself but choose any of them.  The first hurdle is simple.  Download their software, open a free account, and you're ready to pick-up online!

The problem is finding suitable women to chat with.  While not normally as difficult as scoring in a club, it can be very hard to find good looking women to chat with depending upon what time of day you're online.  Late at night is often a sausage fest.  Early evenings and mornings seem to be the best times to find women.  The problem is that when you finally do find someone attractive to chat with, often times she's halfway across the planet!

Therefore you want to chat in regional rooms.  Yahoo Chat has specific rooms for cities across the world.  Rather than chat in a room for 20-30 somethings looking for love, your odds are much better chatting in a room catering to a major city near your area.  It's of no worth to find a young hottie only to discover that she lives five thousand miles away from you.

So you've finally gotten into a busy chat room targeted at local people that live near you.  Start clicking on profiles, hopefully they have a picture.  Be wary of those that don't.  5'8, long brown hair, brown eyes, young, and cute may turn out to be a 44 year old ugly, fat, married woman looking for a younger guy to have some fun with.  If that's what you're looking for then great, otherwise make them show you a current picture.

So you've finally found a cutie to chat with.  So how do you approach her?  For God's sake don't type something crude!  You'd be amazed at how the anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in people.  Give her the slightest impression that you're anything less than a gentleman and it's all over.

While the phrase "Wanna chat?" can work, you're better off using something funny to get her attention.  Look at her profile, find something to tease her about.  Anything funny will do the trick.  The women with halfway decent profile pictures get spammed by desperate men non stop.  You must say something different to set yourself apart from those losers.

Once you've started up a conversation with a woman online keep it light and fun.  Don't say anything even remotely perverted.  Always let her be the first one to delve into that territory.  Tease her, try to make her laugh, use your wit.  Language skills are critical when picking up women online.  The only way to really get better is to read.  I read at least one book a week because I enjoy it.

Unfortunately picking-up online is a slow process.  Rarely can you chat with someone and get their phone number by the end of the first session.  Usually the most you can hope for is an email address.  It can be worth the effort if you have time to spare and enjoy sitting at the computer.

Many of my friends find picking up women online to be too much of a hassle.  One area where many of them have had success is with online personal ads.  You can check out our online dating site reviews here.








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