Dealing With Rejection





Here's a very simple truth.  Living with regret is far more painful over the long run than dealing with temporary rejection.  The pain of regret builds up slowly over time and can develop into a crushing weight.  Dealing with the temporary rejection that one experiences from time to time not only doesn't build up into an unrelenting source of pain, it can and should be a positive learning experience.  You need to experience rejection in order to learn and improve yourself.

Seducing women is a numbers game.  Everyone will have a base success ratio.  The better looking, more naturally sociable men will have a higher base success ratio than less fortunate men.  But those less fortunate men will have success!  Even if they never attempt to improve themselves socially or appearance wise, they will experience success with hot women given enough attempts.  It may be as low as 1 out of 100, but that is a heck of a lot better then the ratio a very handsome man with no guts will experience if he doesn't even make the attempt!

View dating as a game.  For every X amount of women you approach a certain percentage will reject you.  As you experience rejection after rejection you're earning points.  For every X amount of points you earn eventually you'll have a success.  It may be 1 success out of 10.  It may be 1 out of 30 or worse.  It doesn't matter.  Just believe that you WILL earn a success eventually.  But to get to that success you need to put in the hard work of getting through those rejections.

With enough effort you can improve that base success ratio significantly!  Men with less fortunate genes can with enough effort improve their base success ratio enough to surpass that of more fortunate men. 

The beauty of viewing rejections in this manner is that over time you'll simply stop caring.  Trust me.  When I was younger it was PAINFUL to approach women.  Time would just freeze.  I'd feel like everyone on the planet was watching and laughing at me, and then sometimes the women would literally laugh at me.  It was just painful, awkward, and horrible. 

But I didn't stop approaching women.  After awhile when I finally started experiencing some success I reached a crucial point.  I suddenly realized that I'd stopped caring.  After experiencing enough rejection I literally became numb to it and just didn't care.  This is the golden moment that you need to reach in order to become a master at seducing women.  When you reach this point all of your awkwardness, insecurities, and fear just melts away.  This is when you can truly start working on what you say and how you present yourself instead of dwelling on how foolish and awkward you feel.

You WILL reach the point where you stop caring if you approach enough women.  That's why you need to view rejections as positive experiences.  Earn enough of them and they'll eventually stop effecting you entirely.

I used to know this shy but decent looking guy back in college.  He couldn't wait to turn 21 so he could hit the local clubs.  The first club he went to, after getting a few beers in him, he decided it was time to score.  Using his newfound liquid courage what did he do?  He approached the three hottest women in the entire club.  And of course he was turned away three times. 

After the third rejection he decided that he just wasn't any good with women and honestly believed that his experience in the club was indicative of how all women in the real world would treat him.  Well a club isn't the real world and as I've said before, clubs are the most competitive places on the planet.  Going after the three most difficult women to pick up in the entire club didn't help his chances either.

Needless to say he took the rejections in the club far too seriously and stopped approaching women entirely.  He waited until women would start up conversations in class with him before pursuing them.  Most of these relationships developed into one sided friendships where he was madly in love with them and the women sensing his desperation, only wanted him as a friend. 

Eventually a bland looking but pleasant enough woman spoke to him in class.  They were married the next year.  Last I heard of him several years ago, he was miserable.  Imagine the regret he must be feeling now!  To piss away some of the best years of your life because you're afraid of rejection!  It makes me sad to think about that guy.

Don't let the pain of regret build up within you.  Get out there, approach women, and get your nose bloodied a bit.  Yes it will hurt, yes it can be embarrassing and awkward, but get out there and live!  The rewards ARE worth the effort it will take.





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