How To Kiss Like A Pro




KissingYou've just had an amazing first date with the hottest woman you've ever laid eyes on.  You've been trying to get this woman to go out with you for weeks and tonight was the night.  You kept your cool, acted confident, and you made her laugh!  You know she's digging you because during the movie she rested her head against your shoulder.  You are so in there!

It's time to drop her off at home and you walk her up to the front porch.  She says she had a lovely evening while smiling into your eyes.  It's time!  You're a man of action so you lean in for a kiss and she meets you halfway.  Then you ram your tongue down her throat because you like to show that you're confidently aggressive.  Woops, you forgot about that piece of buffalo wing that was stuck between your teeth.  No matter, she took care of it (she coughs trying not to gag).  You reach behind and grab her rear as you lock your lips more firmly across hers.  In your eagerness to kiss her you don't realize that you're literally drooling into her mouth. 

She pries herself away from you and then disappears quickly into her apartment muttering "good night."

Surprisingly she stops returning your calls and you never see her again.  "What the hell!" you think to yourself.  "Stupid B#%&h!  She's probably into women anyway!"

Woman judge men by their first kiss.  An awkward, mushy, sloppy kiss tells them you'll likely be awkward in bed.  How you kiss is an indicator of how good you are in in the sack.  Yeah it sucks but that's the way it is.  So don't blow the first kiss!

The key to kissing a woman for the first time is to let them show you how they want to be kissed.  The biggest mistake you can make is to just ram your tongue down their throat.  Take it slow and easy.  Let them lead at first.  Sure some women will dive right in, but most want a peck on the lips first.  Don't dive in until they part their lips.  And when they do, take it slow, and for God's sake don't rush it!  Wait for her to get excited before letting your hands roam.

A first kiss is a very sensual, highly important event for a woman.  I recommend that you keep the first kiss short and sweet.  Don't try to start a long make out session on the first date.  Keep it short, say goodnight, and leave.  You always want to leave a woman wanting more of you.  It also shows her that you have something very few men possess nowadays, self restraint.  End the kissing before she pulls away and she'll be dying to see you again.















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