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Zewb.com was created as an effort to combat the huge amount of misinformation spewed forth by the media when it comes to women and relationships.  Our society today has become feminized to the extent that the majority of men no longer act like men.  Men are taught from an early age that instead of acting like men, they should talk about their "feelings" and ignore their naughty urges.  

We feel that men as a whole are turning into spineless wimps and we'd like to help reverse that trend.  While women should be loved, cherished, and nurtured, they should never be put on a pedestal or allowed to run a man's life.  A mate should compliment your life, not be the entire focus of it. 

The majority of men today seem to think that they need to find the right woman in order to have a good life.  That somehow a woman will fill the void inside them.  We've got news for you.  Until you're happy with your life the way it is right now, adding a woman into the mix will just add frustration.

We'd like to help you improve the quality of your life while at the same time teaching you how to better understand women as well as yourself.  

















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