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The following articles for men are a mixture of advice and stories that have been written by Zewb staff members as well as guest writers.  The following articles contain solid relationship advice.  If you notice that some articles provide conflicting advice, this is due to differing opinions among the authors on seducing women.  All of the advice is sound.  All of our articles are reviewed by our senior editor before being published.  Some articles merely provide differing opinions.  The content on our home page should be read through first as it provides a basic foundation on how to seduce women successfully.

If you'd like to provide a quality article for consideration on this page, please contact us.  Not only will you have your work published on a popular website, you'll receive recognition and possibly other incentives.  Articles submitted to Zewb.com must be unique and may not be submitted to other sites. 



Revenge On The Ex-Girlfriend        Is revenge really worth it? 

Cold Approaches Are Scary        They don't have to be!  We explain why.

Confidence VS Ego        Women love confident men.  They don't love egos.

Positive Energy        How mood can influence your chances with an attractive woman.

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating?         What to do when you suspect your partner may be unfaithful.

Don't Forget Your Wingman        Why having a good wingman is critical.

Keep It Clean        Being sloppy can destroy your chances with an attractive woman.

Even The Best Strike Out        Don't be down on yourself when you get shot down. 

Stay Off The Phone        The importance of keeping initial phone contact to a minimum.

How Do I Know If She Likes Me        How to tell if a woman is attracted to you.

Don't Act Jealous        Why acting jealous is toxic to relationships.

Women Send Mixed Signals        About women and the confusing signals they send men.

Help!  I Got Dumped        How to deal with a broken heart and hurt feelings. 

Tell Your Woman No        How standing up to your woman can save the relationship.

Confidence Crash Course        Describes practical ways to build your confidence.

Online Dating Safety        How to avoid having a crazy woman stalk you online.

Get Off The Internet        Stop playing online games and start meeting women!

Sell Women On Your Potential        You don't have to make six figures to get attractive women.

Work On Your Smile        Your facial expressions are as important as what comes out of your mouth.

How To Ask For Her Phone Number       When and how to ask a hot woman for her number.

There Are No Soul Mates        Why the myth that there is a soul mate for everyone is a fallacy.

Build Rapport Without Landing In The Friend Zone        How to avoid the pitfall of becoming "Just Friends."

Long Distance Relationships        Why long distance relationships don't work.

Dating Site Pictures        How to best take pictures that will score dates.

Cheap Date Ideas        Places to take your date when you're flat broke.

Drinking On The First Date        Whether drinking cocktails on the first date is a good idea.

Our Feminized Society        Why men should act like men.

Who Pays For The Date        The ins and outs of first date etiquette.






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