Tell Your Woman "No"





There’s a certain type of person in life that seemingly lacks the ability to say no.  When pressed on an issue they’ll squirm and wiggle but are somehow unable to utter that one simple word.  Call them unassertive, gullible, a pushover, whatever, they’re not the type of person you want to be in life.  These types of people usually receive the short end of life's stick, and generally tend not to accomplish much.

So why is it that normally assertive, dominant men seem to de-evolve back into wimpy non-alpha type males when in a serious relationship?  Why do they suddenly lose the ability to say “No” to their significant other, but when around other men and women they retain their aggressive, dominant stature?  Why is it that when they’re in the presence of this one woman whom they’ve seemingly placed upon a pedestal, their will crumbles before her?  It’s like she’s carrying some type of alpha-male domination ray gun.

It happens because these poor chumps have become dependant upon the relationship.  They fear losing their woman.  They’ve given up their independence and rely upon her for approval.  In essence they’ve let themselves become trained and have lost their individuality.

This is not healthy.  As we’ve tried to pound into your brain throughout the site, relationships need to be on equal footing in order to succeed.  You should both be contributing to the relationship whether it’s emotionally, financially, cleaning, whatever.  It should never degrade from a “give and take” scenario to a “Take! Take! Take!” type of situation with the woman always being the taker.

You can stop this from occurring simply by telling your woman “No” from time to time.  Don’t be afraid to utter that one simple word.  You’re tired and don’t feel like running down to the store for milk?  Then say No.  It’s ok!

She wants you to disrupt your poker game that you made plans for two weeks in advance so that you can take her somewhere?  Not gonna happen.  Women that are used to getting everything they want will fight you, but inside they’ll admire you for being a man.  They’ll respect you for standing up to them.  The more aggressive the woman, the more necessary it is for you to stand your ground.

Just as she shouldn’t be your slave, bending her will to your every desire, neither should you give into her every whim.  One of the quickest ways to ruin a relationship is to become her “Yes Man.”  She’ll lose respect for you, possibly cheat on you, and eventually leave you.

Once a relationship degrades to the point where it has become one sided, it’s almost impossible to repair.  By this time she will have utterly lost respect for you.  Unfortunately that respect is almost impossible to gain back.  It’s almost better to just end the relationship on the spot when this happens.  In fact, this may be the only way to save it.  It’s possible that the two of you may come back together at some point in the future on more equal footing if you initiated the break up.

Don’t give in to your woman’s will just to avoid a temporary conflict.  Unbeknownst to a surprising number of men, you may be dooming your entire relationship in an attempt to avoid one small argument.  It’s healthy to say “No” to your woman from time to time.  It may even save the relationship.











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