Score On The First Date





So you want to know how to score on the first date?  Here's our advice.  Don't even try!

There are two main categories of women, party girls and dating material.  If she's a party girl that you just met at a club, then by all means go for it.  It'll probably be easy.  If she's a potential keeper, one that you'd like to add to the circle of women that you date regularly, then forget about it.

The best way to ruin your chances with a woman is to come on too strong too fast.  For a one night stand who cares?  But if she's someone that you have any interest in at all, then forget about it. 

As I've said repeatedly over the last few articles, you always want to leave women wanting more of you.  Imagine that you've just had an exceptional date, shown her a fantastic time, and you've walked her up to her door at the end of the night.  Instead of waiting to see if she invites you in, or attempting to initiate a make out session on her front porch, simply take her hand, sweep it up gracefully, and kiss it.  Then tell her that you had a wonderful time and that you hope she has a nice evening.  Then with a smile, turn around and leave.  Don't stand there and chat, don't wait for her to respond, just leave. 

If you've done your work during the date and she's at all interested in you, then this will knock her socks off.  Her knees will go weak, she'll run inside and call all her girlfriends and tell them what a hunk you are.  I'm totally serious, this drives women crazy. 

Most men will go for the kiss at the end of a good date.  By simply kissing her hand and ending it at that you're showing her that you're different.  Combine this with not calling her for 5 days after the date as I've recommended in previous articles, and she'll be ready to tear your clothes off the next time she sees you.





















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