Confidence Vs Ego





Being confident helps you to achieve your goals in life.  Confidence helps you to overcome obstacles.  Confident men never worry about finding a date.  Women love confident men.  Many of them find it to be almost intoxicating.  It validates their decision to fall for you.

An Ego on the other hand… well it isn’t really good for anything.  Women may at first be attracted to a man with an ego because he mimics true masculinity.  What he’s really displaying are “Jerk” qualities.  As we’ve said in the past, although jerks experience short-term success with women, long term they are utter failures in life.

Recently we’ve received quite a bit of positive email from our readers.  Unfortunately, we’ve also noticed that some of our readers have gotten the wrong impression about what it is to be a successful male.  While we are thrilled that the site has been helpful, we’re not here to help you score with a new woman every night.

A common trend throughout the emails we’ve received goes like this; “I’m so glad that I found your site.  I never used to date, but now I’m getting more action than I have in my entire life!  I just nail’em and dump’em!  I am such a total stud now!”  While we’re happy that you’re enjoying your newfound success, “nail’em and dump’em” is not a principle that we support.

We believe in treating women honorably.  You’ll likely have many girlfriends before you find that one special woman that you want to settle down with.  We advise dating more than one woman at a time so that you’ll be exposed to many different personality types.  We want you to see what’s out there so that you’ll gain an understanding for the types of women you’re compatible with and who to stay away from.

Dating more than one woman at a time helps you gain confidence and possibly more importantly, it keeps you from acting clingy and desperate.  When we recommend that you “Date more than one woman” we mean DATE, not sleep with.  You date several women until you find one that’s special. Essentially, these women are competing with each other to be “The One.”  Once an intimate relationship starts, you break it off with the other women and focus upon her.

When that relationship unravels, you go back to dating again.  You’ll likely have many relationships before you find the right person to settle down with.  Hopefully you’ll wait until you’re over thirty as the difference between who we are in our 20’s and whom we change into in our 30’s is astounding.

Maintaining physical relationships with several women at the same time is not fair to them and is risky for you.  Think about all the STD’s out there.  What if one of them gets pregnant?  What if two of them become pregnant at the same time?  It’s not unheard of for women to go off birth control without telling their boyfriends.  Think about the possibility of paying eighteen years of child support to someone that was only meant to be a fling.

A real man possesses the skill to lure a new woman into his bed every night.  But he CHOOSES not to.  He searches for a partner that can challenge him, someone that he can admire.  When you develop a relationship based upon mutual respect with someone that you’re extremely attracted to, you won’t want to “nail’em and leave’em.”  Enjoying a real relationship with a real woman is so much more gratifying.

Dump the ego.  Look for real relationships with women that are your equals.  You’ll be much happier in the long run.  You’ll also have a guilt free conscience.








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