Stay Off The Phone!





So you met this ultra hot chick at the beach last Friday.  Since that night you’ve seen her three times.  You normally wait a week to even call a woman, but this girl is so hot that you gave her your number and she asked you out.  Score!

You saw her on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  You lady killer you!  Now it’s Friday afternoon and you arrive home to find six recorded messages from her on your answering machine.  Aw how cute, she must be in love.  But remember, that’s ok because she’s smoking hot!

On Saturday she calls you six more times, and whines when you tell her that you can’t see her until Tuesday.  She then calls you nearly fifteen times on Sunday because she misses you so much.

This is the point at which you begin to think that something is wrong with this girl.  Hot or not, this is just not normal behavior.  Either you’re Brad Pitt’s identical twin and ALL women act like this around you ALL the time, or there really is something wrong with this woman.  Why is she calling you so much?  Are you really that charming and handsome?  No?  I’m not either.

So there really must be something wrong with her.  Imagine if you kept dating her and she REALLY became attached to you!  She’d be stalking you 24/7.  At that point it doesn’t matter if she’s hot, because your infatuation with her looks will have worn off real quick.  Pretty soon you’ll have a restraining order against her.

So why did I just write that long story above about the hot psycho chick?  Because that’s the way YOU look when you call your woman too much.  Sometimes you need to view an issue from a different perspective before an idea can really sink in.

When you call a woman too often you stop being a challenge and you cease to be a mystery.  She’s won you over and worse, she will begin to think that there’s something wrong with you.

Other guys don’t call her this often so she’s going to know it’s not because she’s super special.  She’ll then assume that something truly is wrong with you.  She’ll assume that you’re desperate and other women don’t want you.  Because if she’s competing with other women for your attention, then why do you have so much time to devote to her?  That’s an instant turn off.  And if other women don’t want you, then why would she?

We’ve tried to hit on this idea throughout the site, but we strongly feel that this concept needs to be pounded into your skull.  No matter how much you’re into a woman, force yourself to show restraint.  NEVER call her every day.  NEVER call her more than once a day.  And for God’s sake never EVER call her the day after your first date.

Stay off the phone!  Let her miss you a bit.  Then she’ll actually be happy to hear your voice when you finally do call.












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