Is Your Girlfriend Cheating?





You’re probably reading this because you have doubts about your significant others faithfulness.  First of all, cheating is absolutely unacceptable behavior and is grounds for immediately terminating a relationship.  Unfaithfulness is something that real men do not tolerate, period.  It doesn’t matter what her excuse is, it’s game over.  In our opinion, there is no such thing as a one time cheater.  If she was unfaithful once, she’ll do it again.

This article is targeted at men in serious relationships that they’ve spent months, or even years cultivating.  If you’ve been dating a girl for a week and you’ve decided that you don’t trust her, then just end it.  When only dating as we’ve said a million times, you should be seeing several women at once.  Therefore this should be a non-issue, just move on to the next woman.

Although cheating should not be tolerated, you first need to be certain that she is in fact being unfaithful.  Don’t let your own insecurities convince you that something exists when it’s really just a figment of your imagination.  It’s easy to conjure up horrible thoughts and let paranoia overcome reason after she’s been out late with her girlfriends and forgets to call you.  We’ve all been there and all of us experience doubts from time to time.

Real men are confident and secure in their relationships.  They don’t give in to irrational paranoia.  You’re a great catch and she’s lucky to have you.  Why would she cheat on you in the first place?

First of all, you should only enter into a relationship with someone that you respect and trust.  She stayed out late and didn’t call you like she promised?  It’s probably nothing.  Don’t worry about it.  Men forget to call, so do women.

The problem starts when you begin to see a pattern of strange behavior.  She stays out late multiple times.  Multiple times she forgets to call, or she is purposely vague about her activities.  She hides calls and text messages from you.  She closes her chat screen when you walk into the computer room.  You should see a pattern of strange behavior that didn’t exist in the past before you start to suspect that something is amiss.

The true give away that a relationship is in trouble is when she becomes distant.  Not only is her behavior increasingly strange, she becomes less emotionally attached to you.  She doesn’t spend as much time with you, doesn’t want physical intimacy, etc…  This is obvious and will confirm any suspicions you might have.

If you truly are convinced that something is wrong then you need to confront her and ask her directly, “Are you cheating on me?”  This isn’t a question you should ask lightly.  You ask it when you’re nearly certain that your fears are correct and you want to give her once last chance before you end the relationship.  Remember, a relationship is nothing without trust and this question shows her that yours is gone.

So your fears are confirmed.  How do you fix the relationship after she has cheated on you?  The answer is, you don’t.  Once the trust is broken it really can’t be restored.  Some guys will make excuses.  “I’ll just get even with her, then things will be back to normal.”  It doesn’t work that way.  Once a cheater, always a cheater.  And with all the STD’s out there, it doesn’t make sense to stay with someone that you don’t trust.  Cheating on someone that cheated on you makes even less sense.

If you suspect that you’re being cheated on find out the truth.  If the answer is negative, then you need to focus on your own insecurities and fix them.  You may have some confidence issues that need to be worked out.

If she really is cheating on you, just end the relationship.  She’s unworthy of you.







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