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Step 3.  Before The Date


You've got her phone number.  Congratulations!  It feels good doesn't it?  Now don't blow it by calling her the very next day!  Or worse, by calling her the very same day.  This is where lots of guys blow it.  They get so excited that they call her immediately and then spend three hours on the phone with her spilling their entire life's story.  By the time they meet she already knows everything about him.  Not only that, he shows up with flowers, chocolates, etc.. and she knows she's already got him wrapped around her finger.  He's no longer the mysterious gentleman that approached her out of the blue the other day.  She knows everything about him including the fact that she's got his heart in her hands.  What incentive does she have to continue to see him?  The battles been lost before it has begun.  This is the pathway to friendship hell.

The correct action to take after you've gotten her phone number is to lock it away for five days. 

"Five days!  I can't speak to for five days?!!  I'll die!" you whine.

Yes five days. 

"But why?"

Because you're a man.  You're busy.  You have places to go, people to meet, and most importantly, other women to date.  A man never clears his schedule for one woman.  Even if this isn't true in your case, make it true.  Live like it's true and one day it will be.  Most importantly, this is the perception you want to give the woman you're interested in.  Remember, you are what people perceive you to be.

So wait five days and then ask her out.  Keep the conversation short, preferably around five minutes, fifteen max.  You want to remain the mysterious guy that asked her out.  And for God's sake, have a plan!  Never, and I mean never call her and ASK her what she wants to do!  You're a man, you make the plans.  You call her and tell her what they are.  Don't come off as wishy-washy chump.  Plan an action date, miniature golfing, hiking, rollerblading, pool, etc..  Ask her out and then get off the phone!


Step 4.  On The Date


So how do you act on the date?  Hopefully confident and funny.  Make her laugh and have a good time.  Your confidence will grow with experience.  Don't worry if it feels like you're blowing the date.  You're got to learn somehow.

You want to go on an action date so that you'll spend less time talking and more time doing things.  Treat her like a dude at first.  What do women do when they get together?  They chat incessantly.  What do guys do?  We do things together!  Treat her like a dude, have fun, tease her, make her laugh.  Show her that you're exciting to be around.  And most importantly, listen!  If you haven't already, you need to read our article on listening.  It's critical. 

Talk as little as possible about yourself.  Redirect the conversation back to her when necessary.  When the subject turns to you just keep your mouth shut!  Women love a mystery.  "Who is this mysterious stranger that approached me out of the blue like Prince Charming?" she'll think to herself.  They love that stuff.  So give it to her.  When she asks something specific about your life, give her as unrevealing an answer as possible and redirect back to her.  Most women love to talk, let her yap.

When I say let her talk, I don't mean to agree with everything she says.  Don't be afraid to disagree with her on subjects.  Stand up to her and tease her regarding her point of view if you don't agree with it.  Don't be mean spirited but show her that you're not afraid to stand up for your opinions.  If you blindly agree with everything she says then she'll think you're a pushover and you've lost.

It's a date first and foremost so have fun.  But if she spouts bull$%#t call her on it.  Tease her about it.  Keep the date light and fun.  Don't talk about anything heavy or depressing.  If the subject turns towards politics, religion, or anything serious, change the subject ASAP!  It's a date, have fun.

End the date while you're both having a good time.  Don't wait for it to drag on until she tells you that it's time for her to go home.  End it while the night is young and she's enjoying your attention.  Always leave her wanting more of you.




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